Cute enough to eat

I love little spontaneous trips to Covent Garden… it means temptation gets the best of me and I have another little re-ment to share!

This one is Sumikko gurashi and is part of their “Sumikko Patisserie” set.

I had hoped for the little cookie set, but this is super cute too! The maccha pudding set. Although I could never eat that cute little duck face!


Smooshy Sunday

Being the massive child that I am, and in need of something to make me smile a while ago, I bought a Smooshy Mushy from The Entertainer toy store because I was curious…

I giggled like an excited 6 year old as I opened it!

It’s adorable!!! As the name suggests it’s smooshy – a bit like a stress ball – and smells like strawberries!

Not sure if it warrants the £10 price tag, but a much better surprise than when I bought a L.O.L Ball out of equal curiosity; this little waffle teddy and his bacon buddy I like!

It brings me a simple joy 😂


There can be awards in yoga!

Yoga is always introduced as non-competitive – which is true – but I still like it when my gym sends me little badges/awards as a “well done.” Got this one today:

Great effort – you’ve earned your Stretch badge for getting to 5 classes this month.
Your commitment to classes is, well, first class. Keep it up to earn your next badge.stretching your limits puregym

And a little factoid about yoga – whether this is because all the classes were yoga ones or just coincidence I don’t know!

Ancient yogis believed we only had a limited number of breaths, which is why they first started teaching people to slow down their breathing! 

Thanks Pure Gym!