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Tiny train <3

I wanted one of these wooden train sets when I was a kid, but for some reason wasn’t allowed one. So I indulged and bought a 1:12 replica for my doll house.

I love it and highly recommend ~ its from @Etsy from PiCTOSO. #etsystar


30th gift ideas

For my friend’s 30th birthday, I had fun making her a personalised “loot crate” 🙂

Step 1: find a box.

Step 2: find kits if random gifts associate with said friend’s fandoms over the years.

Step 3: pack the box.

Step 4: wrap and decorate!

A definite winner. 😀

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Walls, Floors & Stairs

Been working on my little lantern project.

The side panels that we added our “stain glass” to, are now back up making the walls to the lantern house; so time to get the floors in.

I managed to find a great supplier online that provided cut to size, really thin MDF; which was just perfect!

While to get between the two floors, I ordered a stair case kit from eBay, that I need to cut down to fit; so we’re measuring up at the moment – with little miss telling me just how she wants it 🙂

It all seems so big and spacious… when you’re 11cm tall.

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Fair hair

At the same time that I ordered my pukipuki from DDE, I was lucky enough to get a custom slot from Frapzilla Studios and the wig arrived today!

It is their “opal tea” shade, with lovely soft pale colours that the lighting here doesn’t do justice. It’s just what I had in mind for her! Just need to work out how best to style it, as it has a tendency to fall off when I try and get the pigtail extensions to stay on under the main wig.

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Happy things

The bank holiday weekend has brought sun and relaxation and goodies!

I had a treat me voucher from Paperchase, so I bought a narwhale pen from their kawaii kool range – which reminds me of Star vs the Forces of Evil – and the bright happiness is perfect mood wise right now.

And then I found the new Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card manga in Waterstones; I’ve not seen a CCS manga in the shops for ages and so I had to get it with gift card I’ve been saving since Christmas.

It’s been a lovely Sunday weekend 🙂

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Tiny house, big wallpaper decision

A while ago I bought a giant garden lantern from Ikea, with the aim of turning it into a little house, for my newest tiny resident.

Today we thought we’d sample wallpaper, with my favorite options being some old scrapbooking paper. I have just enough of each (hopefully) to make a single attempt at a “feature” wall; but the question is, little dots or big dots?

It’s a big decision when you’re only 11cm tall!